The Highlights

  • Elko County Sheriff ASU, Air Operations Coordinator/Chief Pilot
  • Briarpatch Defense Systems, Helicopter CFI, APM Instructor, Firearms Instructor
  • AST / Tanalian Aviation, Alaska State Troopers Instructor/Check Airman/SAR
  • GardaWorld, Ops Manager/Firearms Trainer/Security Director

Current Certifications, Licenses, Awards

  • APSA Aviation Unit Manager Certification                          
  • Elko County S.O. RATT Team Member
  • FAA Commercial Pilot – Helicopter                                 
  • FAA Certificated Flight Instructor
  • FAA UAS Remote Pilot                                              
  • FAA Individual FAR 133 Certification
  • HAI Helicopter Operator Safety Award
  • Nevada CFP Authorized Instructor
  • NRA Firearms Instructor, PDOH/PDIH
  • NRA Distinguished Expert, Pistol                                    
  • NRA Expert, High Power Rifle

U.S. Department of Interior Helicopter Pilot Certifications

  • Low Level
  • Passenger
  • Helitac
  • External Load (all)
  • Water/Retardant Bucket
  • Mountain Operations
  • Recon
  • Deep Snow Operations
  • ACETA Classification/Herding/Trapping/Eradication/Darting/Marking

Public Safety Ops & Flight Totals

LEO – Helicopter Patrol, Rapid Insertion, Rapid Response, Warrant Service, Interagency Assistance

FIRE – Seven Fire Seasons CONUS & Alaska. Water drops, HELCO, Mapping, BLM, CalFire

SAR – Multiple Lifesaving Rescues in NV and AK. Long line body recoveries. Aircraft Crash Recoveries.

Highly experienced in low-level NOE flight as well as mid and high level orbit and hover ops. Hundreds of confined and pinnacle operations with single skid and toe-in (STEP) drops and recoveries.

6,350+ Helicopter, 5600+ Mountain Area, 145+ Precision VR, 630+ External, 3800+ Turbine, 1550+ ACETA, 1000+ TacOps (LEO/SAR), 400+ IMC, 150+ unaided night, Fixed Wing Rating in progress.

Bell 206B/L, R44, H300, MD500, AS350, C210, C172, Piper, Cirrus.